Get Hero’s Welcome For All Indian Olympic Medallists

India’s Olympic medals and accomplishments have earned the country worldwide acknowledgment and appreciation. It has become a point of pride for the people of India as well as those from abroad who recognize this proud moment in India’s history. This recognition and appreciation have helped India to excel and progress further into realizing its full potential as an Olympic nation. Some of the world’s top Olympic athletes from India have come to India to participate in various international sporting competitions. Many of these athletes are being hailed as heroes by the Indian people and their hard work and efforts have been recognized globally.

Wrestler Biswa Shekhawat is hailed as a “Sportswoman of the century” by India’s Sports Ministry. Shekhawat first joined the swimming team at the age of 15. In her first two months of joining the swimming team, she made a name for herself in the country’s top water sports body, the Asian Games. After making it to the quarter finals, she was shocked to realize that she did not even qualify for the semis. However, despite her disappointment, she stuck with the rest of the athletes and went on to bag a bronze medal. Since then, she has gone on to win seven more Olympic medals and is one of the most decorated athletes from India today.

Another winner of the Olympic Games is dive bobsledlete Manjishtha Achutha of India. The 23-year-old athlete is one of the youngest Olympic athletes from India. She has set numerous world records in the event and is considered a true champion in the sport of diving. Today, she is the most popular diving athlete in the world. The silver medal that she won in Vancouver in 2021 has helped to solidify her status even further.

Another winner on the list of Indian Olympic athletes is Luger Sushil Kumar. The luger from Manipur state has also set several world records, which have helped him to win the gold medal. In addition, Kumar is also a recipient of many Indian sportsperson of the year awards. Some of his achievements include being the first ever Indian male Olympic athlete and the first person from Manipur to win the gold at Olympic Games. Today, he serves as a member of the Indian national volleyball team.

Although there are many more Indians who have excelled in different sports, there is still no India Olympic team that could compete at the level of international sports as they are today. There have been efforts by the government and various bodies in India to improve the level of the participation of women in the Olympic Games. For instance, Indian swimmer necks coach Manish Malhotra was recently chosen as the head coach of the men’s team for the upcoming Olympics in Russia. Although this was a very welcome addition, it is still short of what all Indian women athletes deserve. It is true that there have been some systematic steps taken by the Indian government to promote women’s participation in the country’s sports as well as their celebration in their success.

However, the main challenge still lies ahead. India has the right infrastructure in place to stage the games but it needs to ensure that the level of enthusiasm is really high among the athletes so that they will actually participate in the events and get the much-needed hero’s welcome from the Indian people. India has always been known for its enthusiasm and the world should take note of that before applauding the performances of the athletes. Only then can we call them as true heroes.

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